Notice to parents: COVID-19 Screening Checklist

Hi Polobear Families! Well we are a little more than a week away from our first practice (September 22nd) and we wanted to pass on some COVID -19 information to everyone and discuss our policies which we will be using to keep our athletes safe!

First, we have created a new volunteer position called the COVID Response Coordinator (CRC). This person will track which athletes are at every practice and remind parents and players of their responsibilities. Every athlete will need to have a parent fill out a COVID screening checklist before every practice. You can either print the attachment below or fill one out at the practice.

It is imperative for you to know that athletes without this form will not be allowed in the pool. Athletes will be required to wear a mask from the time they enter the facility, until they enter the pool and then again as they leave the pool and exit the facility. Parents who wish to stay and watch the practice will be allowed to do so as long as they use proper physical distancing and wear a mask.

You will also notice that the practice will look a bit different for the start of this year. Practices will consist of swim drills, passing drills and shooting drills. At this time in the return to play model, full contact drills are not permitted. To further ensure the players health and safety, all equipment used will be cleaned in between every practice.

All of these policies will be in place until at least November 9th. At this time Water Polo Canada and Alberta Water Polo Association will reanalyze our return-to-play model and hopefully we will be able to start having scrimmages and maybe even games. We are all very excited to be back in the pool and look forward to seeing everyone!

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